Lisa Kay Solomon

Lisa Kay Solomon empowers leaders and learners to:

  • Optimistically transform surprise and uncertainty into bold possibilities

  • Discover new ideas through investigation, creative ideation and rigorous experimentation

  • Understand and anticipate which technologies will impact your industry and adjacent ones

  • Make positive choices that improve the lives of  people, and society as a whole


A dynamic and energizing keynote speaker, Lisa Kay Solomon inspires audiences around the world how to be creative and successful agents of positive change.



What people say:

“Thank you for an amazing lecture yesterday and inspiring optimism in all of us. My jaw was dropped most of the time, and I’ve been following Singularity Hub for the last four years.“ - SU Executive Program participant

"Coming in with ZERO background. I was blown away. The tools I gained will help me become a better teacher and leader!" - InspirED participant

"Lisa has expanded not only my vision of innovation, also my passion and desire to do big things." - DMBA student

“Lisa was awesome. She introduced an inspiring new way of thinking about what we do as leaders.” - SU Executive Program participant


Lisa Kay Solomon believes that the mindsets, skillsets and behaviors required to create value in exponential times are learnable and teachable. Her workshops are designed to build new mindsets, skill sets and leadership capacities within organizations.


What people say:

“Lisa’s workshop at Stanford’s Media X Summer Institute on “Designing Strategic Conversations” addressed a set of key survival skills aimed at leveraging group wisdom and getting to strategic insights and alignment more effectively. Attendees were uniformly impressed by Solomon’s facilitation and knowledge.” - Chuck House, Former Executive Director, Stanford University Media

“Lisa finds whatever bright spot there is and, when she brings it to light, she can also tell you why it matters. It’s amazing. She shows you that command and control doesn’t elicit the best performance - engaging and inspiring does - because you don’t even know how good you can be.” - DMBA student

"Lisa mentors students through changes in themselves. Lisa has an elastic, integrative mind that integrates qualitative and quantitative thinking in deeply experimental ways. She can meet people where they are and help them see the things they don't see in life-changing ways." - Nathan Shedroff, Chair of the Design MBA program.


Looking for a personalized TED-like experience for your leadership team? Building off of her best-selling book, Moments of Impact, and utilizing her extensive network of authors, thought leaders and successful change agents, Lisa Kay Solomon works with leadership teams to design highly immersive, transformational learning experiences that inspire and ignite lasting change.

What Makes The Learning Experiences Unique?

  1. Moment of Impact - a creative and collaborative experience that will engage leaders beyond current practices into future-focused, generative and collaborative learning and doing.

  2. World Class - designed and led by world class educators (from Singularity University, Stanford d.School, etc) bringing in and blending future-focused mindsets, thought leaders, practitioners, entrepreneurs and disruptors.

  3. Not “off-the-shelf” - customized programs tailored to meet the needs of both senior executive and the organizations they work for - highly experiential, provocative, integrated, conversational, reflective, and personal.

  4. Creative Support - creative team onsite to capture and support to deepen learning during the program and set participants up to apply what they learned back in their office.

What people say:

“If you are lucky enough to work with her, Lisa Solomon will take your strategic gathering to a level and a place you never could have imagined. The greater the complexity, depth and speed of ideas, the more fun she has and the more her work shines. She somehow manages to work her magic in a way that ensures the participants and their epiphanies are the stars of the show. I will assure you though that for months and years afterwards, you will preface your strategic statements with: "You’ll remember that Lisa helped us discover that …” - Phil Wickham, Chairman, Kauffman Fellows Program for Venture Capitalists

“Lisa has been a fantastic innovation advisor to our team. She brings a fresh lens on innovation, modeling the leadership and extreme collaboration it takes to drive impact.” - Debby Hopkins, former Chief Innovation Officer, Citicorp

“So many times organizations go to the outside to develop and refine their strategic plans when the answers lie internally. Lisa Kay Solomon helps unlock solutions that are literally in the room. And, she creates a great bonding experience for all involved.” - George Borst, former CEO, Toyota Financial Services

Sample of Companies Lisa has worked with